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September 2021
Former IC Junior Challenge champion, wins Junior US Open Girls title

Former IC Junior Challenge champion, wins Junior US Open Girls title

Robin Montgomery who was on the winning USA team in The Tokyo Worldwide Finals of The IC Rod Laver Junior Challenge has  just won both the girls singles and doubles titles at the recent US Open.  This was Robin’s response from a congratulatory email sent on behalf of the IC:

Hi Mr. Spencer, 

Thank you so much for your email! Yes I remember playing at  IC event, it was one of my favorite events to play. Thanks for following my progress since then! 

Also, thank you for the birthday wishes. I am also looking forward for what’s ahead for me in the future on the women’s tour! 

Best wishes, 

Robin Montgomery 

While two remarkable teenagers were in the Ladies Final they were both older than Robin who just turned 17 in September. So hopefully she will be chasing them as she has already started playing on the Women’s main tour.

Robin is a credit, both on and off court,  to The JTCC Academy where she came from ( as did Frances Tiafoe ). Robin’s comments about The IC Rod Laver Junior Challenge echo that of many others who have participated.  It is a competition where the IC Spirit of “Hands across the net, friendship across the ocean” is strongly evident - an ingredient sometimes missing in modern junior tennis competition.

The photos are of Robin holding The US Open Trophy and one in a Kimono from an enjoyable evening at The Worldwide Finals in Tokyo.

The IC wishes Robin all the best for her future in tennis and hope that fond memories from Tokyo will bring her back to more IC Events in the future.

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