Reciprocal Facilties


Members of the I.C. of Ireland can enjoy the privilege of playing tennis at certain facilities in this country upon payment of guest fees, as long as the privilege is not abused by excessive use. Through the auspices of the I.C. Council and the cooperation of many I.C.s, this privilege has now been extended so that an I.C. member has similar privileges at designated tennis facilities in other countries. The current list is set forth below.
In availing themselves of this privilege, members of the I.C. of Ireland should in the case of a visit to another country, submit a request to the Secretary of the I.C. for that country, setting forth the places where it is desired to play and the dates involved.


1. Ocean Club Golf & Tennis Resort, P.O. Box N.4777, Paradise island, Nassau, Bahamas).

Visiting I.C. Members may use the facilities at the Ocean Club, which include 9 Hard Tru courts, (4 lighted), pool and beach. Contact Director of Tennis – John Farrington.

Belgium - Facilities are available to visiting I.C. Members at the following clubs.

1. Royal Beerschot THC, Groeningenlei, 62, 
                                              2550 Kontich.
                             Contact:   Charles Smidt,
                             Tel:           +32 2 496 233249    

2. Royal Leopold Club, Avenue Dupuich, 42,
                                          1180  Brussels.
                          Contact: Thierry Brasseur,
                          Tel:           +32 2 3720470

3. Royal Racing Club Brussels, Avenue des Chenes, 125,
                                                          1180 Brussels,
                                          Contact: Paul van Poppel,
                                          Tel:         +32 498 530309

4. Club Justine Henin, Rue Leon Fournet, 20,
                                         1342  Limelette.
                          Contact: Michel de Marneffe,
                          Tel:          +32 475 640830.

Brazil -     The following clubs have agreed to offer their social and tennis facilities to visiting I.C.

1. Clube Atletico Sao Paulo, San Paulo. Academia Marcelo Meyer, San Paulo. Associacao Leopoldina Juvenil, Porto Alegre.

2. Associacao Ginastica, Novo Hamburgo


1. Timberlane Tennis and Country Club, 155 Vandorf Road, R.R.2, Aurora, Ontario, L4G 3G8)

Outdoor tennis (Hard-tru), indoor tennis (Bross-slide), swimming pool, bar, dining room, weight room. No charge for tennis. Contact Adrian Coles.

2. Ontario Racquet Club, 884 Southdown Road, Mississauga, Ontario, L5J 2Y4

Outdoor tennis (hard-tru), indoor tennis (hard courts)swimming pool, bar restaurant. Guest fees waived for I.C. Members. Regular Court fees apply. Contact Jeff McCarrol.

3. The Donalda Club, Bushberry Drive, Don Mills, Ontario.

Outdoor tennis (Hard-tru) indoor tennis (bubble), swimming pool, bar, dining room. Contact Murray Whittaker.


1. La Baule Tennis and Country Club, 113 Avenue Marechal Delattre de Tassigny, 44500 La Baule.

Visiting I.C. Members may make full use of the club facilities, subject to paying court booking fees, with a 30% rebate of the usual fee. Contact the Club Manager, presently Mr L. Albouy.


1. MTTC Iphitos, Aumeister 10, 80805 Munchen

Contact President & I.C. Member: Dr Erich Schmitt

2. THC Klipper, Heinrich-Herz-Strass 24, 22085 Hamburg.

Contact Werner Mertins

3. TC Rochusclub, Rolander Weg 15, 40629 Dusseldorf.

Contact Horst Klosterkemper.

4. LTTC Rot-Weiss, Gottfried-von-Cramm-Weg 47-55, 14193 Berlin.

Contact: President: Wolfgang A.Hofer

Great Britain

1. Whitecraigs Lawn Tennis & Sports Club, 22 Roddinghead Road, Giffnock, Glasgow G46 6NT

Visiting IC Members will be treated as guests. Court fees payable as for members, hard and grass courts.

2. Edgbaston Priory Lawn Tennis Club, Sir Harry’s Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2UY

Visiting IC Members will be treated as guests. Court fees payable as for members, hard, grass and covered courts.

3. Northern Lawn Tennis Club, Palatine Road, West Didsbury, Manchester, M20 9YA

Visiting IC Members will be treated as guests. Court fees payable as for members, hard, grass and covered courts.


1. The Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club, Appian Way, Dublin 6

Visiting IC Members will be treated as guests. Court fees payable as for members. Hard and covered courts.

India -     Various clubs in Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Madras, and Pune


  1. Ramat Hasharon National Center, 24 courts
  1. Tel-Aviv-Jaffa Tennis Center, 17 courts
  1. Ashkelon Tennis Center, 17 courts
  1. Jerusalem Tennis Center, 19 courts
  1. Kiryat Shemona Tennis Center, 8 courts
  1. Haifa Tennis Center, 20 courts,
  1. Beer-Sheva Tennis Center, 8 courts,
  1. Ofakim Tennis Center, 8 courts
  1. Tiberias Tennis Center, 6 courts,
  1. South Tel Aviv Tennis Center, 14 courts
  1. Arad Tennis Centre, 7 courts,


  1. TC Arqubusiers, 142 Val ste. Croix, Luxembourg
  2. TC Spora, Centre Sportif Baumbusch, Luxembourg

Mexico -    Facilities at the following clubs are available to visiting I.C. members (a small paying fee may be requested).

1. Mexico City Club Raqueta Bosques

El Club France

Referma Athletic Club

2. Cuernavaca Villa International de Tenis


1. Monte Carlo Country Club, 155 avenue Princess Grace, 06190 Roquebrune Cap Martin

IC Members may use the facilities at MCCC upon payment of a guest fee at 50% special rate.

The Netherlands

  1. ZTC. Shot, Krakelingweg 1, Zeist. – 8 outdoor courts
  1. HLTC Leimonais, Klatteweg 103, Den Haag - 10 outdoor courts
  1. ALTC Popeye-Gold Star, Karol Lotsylaan 20, Amsterdam indoor and outdoor courts
  1. Hilversumse LTC, Bussumergrintweg 58, Hilversum. 6 outdoor courts
  1. TC Dennenmarken, Elmpterweg 46, Roermond. Indoor and outdoor courts

New Zealand

  1. Parnell Lawn Tennis Club, Domain Drive, Newmarket, Auckland
  1. Auckland Tennis Club, 72 Stanley Street, Auckland
  1. Renouf Tennis Centre, Central Park , Brooklyn Rd, Wellington
  1. Khandallah Tennis and Squash Club, Dehli Crescent, Khandallah, Wellington
  1. Wilding Park Tennis Centre, Woodham Road, Christchurch

South Africa

1. The Wanderers Club, Johannesburg.


1. TC Geneve, Parc des Eaux-Vives, 1207 Geneva

IC Members are granted the privileges of Honorary Membership of the Club.

2. New Sporting Club, 1884 Villars

IC Members are granted the privileges of Honorary Membership of the Club.


1. La Caleta Tennis Club, Avenida de las Americas km.17, Montevido.

I.C. Members visiting Uruguay are welcome at La Calta Tennis Club and should contact Mr Philippe Pinet.

U.S.A. -     Visiting I.C. Members are extended privileges at the following Clubs:

  1. Boar’s Head Club, Charlottesville, Virginia.
  1. Longwood Cricket Club, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.
  1. Los Angeles Tennis Club, Los Angeles, California.
  1. Merion Cricket Club, Haverford, Pennsylvania.
  1. International Hall of Fame & Tennis Museum, Newport, Rhode Island.
  1. Rockaway Hunting Club, Cedarhurst, Long Island, New York.
  1. Tennis Club of Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Florida.
  1. The West Side Tennis Club, Forest Hills, New York.