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January 2019
New Merchandise Item!

New Merchandise Item!

The Council of International Clubs is considering producing cufflinks with the IC logo, if sufficient demand can be identified.

The design reflects the recent and very successful lapel pin, but is smaller (1.5cms) and the cufflinks are secured by a swivel clip.

They come in a small box and would make an attractive IC gift for events such as the Windmill, Juego de Pilota and Columbus Trophies or simply for IC members’ personal use.

If your IC would be interested in ordering a quantity of these @ £10 / $13 / €12, per pair, plus postage, please email Julian Tatum (IC Council) who will coordinate your orders (delivery is approx 8 weeks)

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Paul Hutchins Paul Hutchins

Paul Hutchins

Paul lost his brave battle with ALS last week. We'll miss him.