Welcome to the International Club of Ireland
"Hands across the net, friendship across the ocean "

Welcome to the IC of Ireland


To promote friendship and sportmanship in tennis between Ireland and other countries across the life cycle by hosting fixtures with other IC countries, by supporting tennis development in Ireland and by providing mentorship for young Irish players.

To set the game above renown,
To love the game beyond the prize,
To honour, while you strike him down,
The foe that comes with fearless eyes,
To count the life of battle good,
And dear the land that gave you birth,
And dearer yet the brotherhood,
That binds the brave of all the earth.

-Sir Henry Newbolt...

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IC Uruguay 40th Anniversary Event 30th March 2022

IC Uruguay 40th Anniversary Event 30th March 2022

The IC Uruguay 40th Anniversary Event is all set and kicks off on the 30th March 2022 at the Club del Lago, Punto de Este.

The event will see the ICs of; Argentina, Brazil, Chile, France and Uruguay, with mens and women’s teams of over 40year olds competing in both singles and doubles. As well as a wheelchair tennis event and a philanthropy programme presentation, there will also be a highlight event featuring Roland Garros early seventies players. This includes the 1975 winning team of Fiorela Bonicelli (URU) & Thomaz Koch (BRZ) and other top players such as; Raquel Giscafre (ARG), Patricia Medrado (BRZ), Ricardo Canó (ARG) and Jamie fullol (CHL).

There are also many social events and tourist excursions the teams are looking forward to. For more information, see the attached brochure, factsheet and schedule.

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