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"Hands across the net, friendship across the ocean "

Welcome to the IC of Ireland


To promote friendship and sportmanship in tennis between Ireland and other countries across the life cycle by hosting fixtures with other IC countries, by supporting tennis development in Ireland and by providing mentorship for young Irish players.

To set the game above renown,
To love the game beyond the prize,
To honour, while you strike him down,
The foe that comes with fearless eyes,
To count the life of battle good,
And dear the land that gave you birth,
And dearer yet the brotherhood,
That binds the brave of all the earth.

-Sir Henry Newbolt...

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IC of Ireland 25 year anniversary event photos IC of Ireland 25 year anniversary event photos

IC of Ireland 25 year anniversary event photos

We had a wonderful weekend of celebrations at our 25th anniversary event attended by IC GB, Belgium and Luxembourg. A selection of photos from the event are shown below! More to follow....

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IC Council News

March 2023
Germany win Wallenberg Trophy

Germany win Wallenberg Trophy

The Amiens Athletic Club greatly appreciated hosting the 22nd edition of the "Wallenberg Trophy" on February 25 and 26, 2023. Despite the withdrawal of the Swedish team, the IC of France were able to put together another competitive team with two members of the International Tennis club of France and two local players.

The four teams (France A, Great Britain, Germany, France B) met around the traditional welcome cocktail. The meeting took place at the AAC, created in 1904, on traditional clay courts. The club is located in the Henriville district, 5 minutes from downtown Amiens.

Very professional and serious teams in their pre-match preparations proceeded to long warm-ups because the temperatures were very cold on the courts. The players had at their disposal a magnificent sports hall. What could be better than a mix of generations as well as a transmission of the IC spirit.

After some tough competition and an unfortunate injury from the French A team in the final, the IC of Germany won the deciding mixed doubles to win the 22nd edition of the Wallenberg trophy! The French A team finished second, Great Britain in third and the French B team in fourth.

The games were of a high standard and everyone had a very pleasant and friendly time on and off the courts. Many thanks to the IC of France, particularly Carla, Bruno and Patrice for hosting a fantastic weekend.

For further information and match results, see the IC of France website here.

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