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August 2021
IC Brazil recommences activities

IC Brazil recommences activities

From August 3rd to 7th the state of Pará, north of Brazil, received the first edition of the Mario Ruben Trophy - Top Eight

The edition marked the return of a high-level competition to the state of Pará, following all of the COVID-19 combat and prevention sanitary protocols. The competition has the 8 best players in the state of Pará in the main dispute and the participation of great Brazilian tennis idols in the seniors dispute.

The competition was conceived by the president of IC Brasil, Mario Martins, in memory of his father Mario Ruben de Mello Martins. Mario Ruben was a doctor, teacher, writer and above all a great father and tennis player.

Mario Ruben was fundamental for the development of tennis in the state of Pará, being together with his brother Claudio Martins, responsible for the idea of creating the first tennis courts of the main club in the state, the Assembleia Paraense.

Another club that benefited from Mario Ruben's vision was the Pará Clube, where Mario and his friends were responsible for raising funds for the first tennis court of the newly opened ''Lomas'' branch in 1953.

It is also worth noting that Mario Ruben encouraged his family to practice tennis, as was the case with his wife Heliana Martins, their children and grandchildren.

After 3 days of dispute, the player from the state of Pará Adonaldo Amorin was the champion of the Mario Ruben Trophy - Top Eight, and Francisco Caetano was the vice-champion. In the senior competition, Amadeu Façanha was the great Champion, and Mario Martins, get the vice championship.

Champions of 2021

Mario Ruben Trophy - Top Eight
Champion: Adonaldo Amorin
Vice Champion: Francisco Caetano

Seniors tournament
Champion: Amadeu Façanha
Vice Champion: Mario Martins

Special events

During the event a technical congress and group draw were held. After the event the schedule and regulations were presented to the press and public.

Event schedule

SUNDAY (08/01/2021)

  • 05:00 pm - Happy Hour at the Tudo Conveniência store, technical congress, drawing of the matches, presentation of athletes and delivery of participation certificates.

TUESDAY (08/03/2021)

  • 05:30 pm - Start of Mario Ruben Trophy - Top Eight matches

WEDNESDAY (08/04/2021)

  • Arrival of tennis players at the site.
  • 05:30 pm - Continuation of Mario Ruben Trophy - Top Eight matches

THURSDAY (08/05/2021)

  • 04:00pm - Start of Seniors matches
  • 07:00 pm - Opening Ceremony of the Mario Ruben Trophy - Top Eight
  • 07:30 pm - Continuation of Mario Ruben Trophy - Top Eight matches
  • 09:00 pm - Official Dinner of the Seniors Tournament and delivery of participation certificates

FRIDAY (08/06/2021)

  • 04:00 pm - Continuation of Seniors matches
  • 06:00 pm – Seniors exhibition match
  • 07:30 pm - Mario Ruben Trophy - Top Eight - Semifinals

SATURDAY (08/07/2021)

  • 04:00 pm – Seniors Final
  • 05:30 pm - Mario Ruben Trophy - Top Eight - Final
  • Follow by – Awards Ceremony

Mario Ruben Trophy - Top Eight Tournament Players

  1. Italo Souza
  2. Geovanny Mendes
  3. Adonaldo Amorim
  4. Matheus Coelho
  5. Bruno Duboc
  6. Francisco Caetano
  7. Renato Palácios
  8. David Martins

Seniors tournament

The tournament had the participation of the ATP tennis players and ITF senior circuit competitors.


  1. Mario Martins - Best ranking on the ITF Seniors Circuit- 01
  2. Amadeu Façanha - Best ranking on the ITF Seniors Circuit- 03
  3. Galba Couto - Best ranking on the ITF Seniors Circuit - 04
  4. João Soares - Best ranking on ATP - 74
  5. Roger Guedes - Best ranking on ATP – 80
  6. Paulo Leão - Pará State Champion

Tournament Facilities

  • Two Red Clay tennis courts;
  • Official LED lighting on the courts;
  • Players Lounge;
  • Medical department
  • A sports Doctor;
  • Two sports Physiotherapists;

The Exhibition Trophy

The trophy will definitely be displayed in the main clubs in the state of Pará. Occasionally, the trophy will be displayed in malls, restaurants and other tourist spots in the state.

The champion of each edition will have his name engraved on the base of the trophy. finalists will be awarded personalized medals.

Live Streaming

All matches were broadcast live on IC Brazil's Instagram page @ic_brasil_tennis

For more information see the IC of Brazil website.

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