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December 2021
Highlights from IC India

Highlights from IC India

The IC of India share their 2019 - 2021 highlights and a reminder of their Mission and Goals.


Be, and be recognized as, the most progressive chapter of the Council of International Lawn Tennis Clubs.


Promote and develop tennis in India by keeping ‘The ICs’ core values integrated in all activities.


Institutionalise the India chapter to become a strong interconnected community of members and partners that work cohesively to promote and develop tennis in India.


  1. Implement a calendar of activities for all members to engage through the year, physically and online.

  2. Conduct a robust domestic tour for IC members across India. The tour serves as a platform for members to compete and engage with new prospective members who may be invited for membership.

  3. Recognise and felicitate the achievements of former and present tennis players who persevered against all odds to put India on the global tennis map..

  4. Support tennis for development programs that enhance the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

  5. Work with the All India Tennis Association in helping top juniors realise their potential and play at the professional level.

Top 5 highlights shared with all members as part of Annual General Meeting report (2019-21)

  1. Domestic Tour
    • A total of 5 weekend events were conducted in Delhi, Allahabad (Prayagraj), Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore.
    • Participation of over a 100 IC members and local players.
  2. Felicitation of former and current tennis players
    • Jasjit Singh, former India Davis Cup player, achieved career high world ranking of 89 in 1974.
    • Ramanathan Krishnan, former India Davis Cup player. Career high world ranking of 6 in amateur rankings. Led India to the Davis Cup finals in 1966 against Australia. Non-playing captain of the 1974 Davis Cup team that reached the finals against South Africa.
    • Jaidip Mukerjea, former India Davis Cup player, achieved career high world ranking of 120 in 1974. Part of the team which reached the Davis Cup final for the first time in 1966. Played 97 Davis Cup matches for India.
    • Rohan Bopanna, India Davis Cup player, achieved career high world doubles ranking of 3 in 2013. Member of India Davis Cup team since 2002. Winner of the 2017 French Open mixed-doubles title with Gabriela Dabrowski becoming the fourth Indian player to win a Grand Slam title.
  3. Supporting top ranked juniors
    • Sent a team to Hong Kong of top 2 Indian Under 16 ranked girls and boys with a Manager/Coach for the Asia / Oceania IC Junior Challenge in July 2019.

    • Tennis clinics to promote tennis conducted in Prayagraj, Mumbai and Bangalore.

    • Support to Sagar Kumar, a top 25 ranked junior from a low income background during his travel for the nationals.

  4. Philanthropy
    • Supporting Delhi based initiative, EduTennis of teaching life skills through tennis to government school children.

    • Equipment and monetary donations made by several members.

    • Site visits by Executive Committee members.

  5. Online engagement
    • Member participation in the longest rally challenge to celebrate and support EduTennis’ celebrations of April 6, UN Day for Sport Development and Peace. Members recorded their videos of doing a self rally and uploaded it on social media.

    • President and Regional Vice President. North participated as speakers in EduTennis’ first year virtual celebrations on ZOOM.

2021-22 IC India Executive Committee

  1. President: Mr. Nandan Bal

  2. Honorary Secretary: Mr. Jaideep Bhatia

  3. Honorary Treasurer: Mr. Vikram Anand

  4. Regional Vice Presidents: North - Mr. Sanjeev Kassal, South - Mr. Ramesh Krishnan, East - Mr. Jaidip Mukerjea, West - Mr. Rajesh Batra

  5. 2021-22 Executive Committee members: Ms. Shivika Burman, Ms. Sohini Kumari, Mr.. Deepak Bhargava, Mr. Nitin Joshi, Cdr. RI Singh (Retd.), Mr. Charu Sharma, Mr. Aditya Khanna.

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