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Draft Minutes of Executive Committee of IC Council - Paris 2nd & 3rd Nov 2012

Draft Minutes of the

Executive Committee Meeting of

The Council of International Lawn Tennis Clubs

Roland Garros, Paris

Friday, 2 November 2012

 In attendance: Peter McQuibban (PMcQ), Thierry Pham (TP), Julian Tatum (JT), Mike Carroll (MC), Alex Kurucz (AK), GustavoHerrero (GH), Andrew Ambrose (AJA), Henri Reiter (HR) and Kit Spencer (KS) via remote link.  Joined by Berta Tintoré for the Activities & Events Session.

Executive Committee Decisions in Italics

Action Points for individuals or sub-committees in red.

1.      Apologies for absence: DaljitWalia and Doug Hillen; Dan Waldman and Des Shaw unsuccessful in joining the meeting via remote link.


2.        Minutes of the May Executive Committee Meeting and July AGM + Attachments.


EC Decision: The Minutes of the May Executive Committee Meeting were approved.

(The Minutes for the AGM are approved at the AGM.)


3.      Minutes of the October Management Group Meeting: Decisions, Actions and Notes (Attachments)

The Management Group would create both action and discussion points for the Executive Committee, as well as take day-to-day decisions for the EC and the Council where those decisions are deemed within the scope of the Management Group.   The Executive Committee membersshould always review Management Group decisions and register any concerns as soon as possible.


AP:         Issue the governance paper to Clubs - mission statement, governance structure and building blocks for a business plan - to ICs.  (Incorporating a note on the role of Presidents within the framework.)  This will be issued together with a letter of introduction from the new Chairman.  Deadline early December. (PMcQ).


(Note: JT had observed that we needed to amend the Governance structure to incorporate a note on the role of Presidents within the framework.PMcQ would add the necessary wording drawing on the Constitution of the Council and practice.


4.      Governance

4.1: Officers, EC Composition & Support:


EC Decision:The Executive Committee agreed the Management Group’s recommendation to appoint Mike Carroll to succeed Charles Trippe as Honorary Treasurer and Andrew Ambrose to the vacant position of Honorary Secretary.  This would take place with immediate effect.  Both positions would need to be confirmed by the Council at the next AGM.


Other EC and/or Sub-committee appointments:


Shali Hutchins (SH) had kindly agreed to continue to be the EC’s secretariat and the Executive Assistant to the Chairman.


Paul Hutchins will continue to assist the Management Group and, in particular, to assist Andrew with Governance issues; he would not have a formal role.


Barry Weatherill had kindly agreed to take on the Chairmanship of the Philanthropy Sub-Committee in succession to Nick Basing who has had to step down because of other commitments.  The EC recorded its thanks for Nick’s efforts in the establishment of the Council’s philanthropy work; and was delighted that Barry was prepared to continue to play a prominent role in the affairs of the IC.


Jane Hannon (IC of Barbados resident in the UK) would provide the secretariat support for the Philanthropy Sub Committee; this would enable Shali to focus on supporting the PMcQ and the EC.


Laura Peterzan was being approached to be the new Webmaster for the Council website.


AP:         Brief on the Webmaster job description/role (JT)

The EC agreed that we should now look to find ways of increasing the representation of women in the Council’s structures.

                4.2: AGM2013

MGMT GRP decision:The AGM and the workshops will be held as originally planned on the middle Sunday of the Wimbledon fortnight.

The EC endorsed this decision.

The IC would though, following an invitation from the President of the FFT (also a V-P of the ITF), be sending a significant delegation to the ITF Centenary AGM in Paris and to attend their gala dinner planned for Thursday 11July 2013.  We would probably hold meetings of certain sub-committees in Paris, including the Philanthropy sub committee, where we would seek to include participation of Dave Miley and his ITF Development team.



The workshops on our AGM day (middle Sunday of Wimbledon) would focus on Business Plans (individual IC presentations) and Events (“match-making”).

Regional representatives will have a stronger involvement at the AGM and will need to mentor countries in this process.


4.3: Templates/Matrix

Discussion:The templates and matrix need to be simplified but continue to provide a statistical base upon which decisions can be made and assist the business plans.

AK requested cleaner information about the demographic make-up of countries and their teams, particularly active players, which would assist managers when trying to organise matches against these countries.

Each IC would be given 5 minutes to present their business plans at the 2013 AGM Workshop.   Regional representatives will have an important role in the run-up to the AGM in mentoring the ICs in their regions to deliver their business plans.

AP:         Contact Barry Weatherill for 2011/2012 Template Summary/Analysis. (AJA)

Review and revise Template and Matrix by Jan 2013 and issue instructions about the    2013 AGM Business Plan Workshop. (AJA)

4.4: New Clubs/Specific Issues:


GH noted that we should perhaps give the IC of Brazil some attention.  GH would arrange for  PMcQ to be re-introduced to Fernando Gentil, the President of IC Brazil.

AP:         Direct contact with Fernando Gentil on IC of Brazil succession/activity. (GH/PMcQ)

PMcQ noted that the IC of Slovenia still had some legal-bureaucratic difficulties in establishing itself properly.  JT noted that we hadn’t heard from the IC of Bulgaria for some time. GH said that though the match between the ICs of Chile and Argentina had to be postponed, the IC of Chile was going ahead with hosting the regional IC Junior Challenge.  JT noted that the ICs of Pakistan and India were in discussions about a match, now that visa restrictions had been relaxed.

AP:         Personal note on activity levels from Chairman to certain ICs when sending out the Chairman’s letter of introduction to ICs. (PMcQ)


5.      Finance: Accounts and Budget Revisions (MC)

5.1: Budget Forecast 2012 – 2013 (Attachment)


MC highlighted relevant lines in the budget. 2013 New Sponsorship budget line stands at 10K USD which includes the contribution from BDL and Lacoste.


EC Decision: To raise the sponsorship target for 2013, after sponsorship sub-committee discussions, to 15K USD and raise Other Grants expenses to 5K USD. This would result in a net change on the bottom line to put the accounts in surplus.


AP:         Amend 2013 budgets as per above EC decision on increase in sponsorship targets and other grants (MC).


Check on the contribution to IC Luxembourg for its 2012 event – any omission from the current statement would increase the deficit (MC).


5.2   Business Plan Objectives

·         Re-examine our bank current accounts to check whether there are better alternatives, with good service, lower charges and more flexibility over currency transfers between sterling and dollars (end October 2013)

·         Check whether there are better alternative places for our surplus cash than our current savings account (end October 2013)


6.      Sponsorship and Fundraising

6.1 Business Plan Objectives

Two of the Action Points from the Sponsorship Sub-Committee, which met earlier on Friday 2November, will be included in the Business Plan:

·         Increase the target for Sponsorship in the budget to 15K USD

·         Produce a list of privileges/benefits for IC members

Additional discussion:

We needed to flesh-out IC benefits for both Sponsors and to Members. For sponsors, we needed to work from as full a list as possible of these benefits, selecting what was appropriate for each potential sponsor; we needed to develop AK’s existing (April) list further.  The Council might also be able to help individual ICs to develop their sponsors.

Pro Am Events:  Engaging and leveraging our contact with those former players who were active in the IC.

Individual ICs needed to have a list of privileges and make it more accessible to their members: eg worldwide playing facilities; and Keith Prowse access to Wimbledon tickets/hospitality.

7.      Philanthropy (HR)

7.1: Update on Projects:

The IC is currently operating three projects: Ethiopia, South Africa and Mexico.

The Mexican Project is looking to expand from 30 children to 80 children


New Project Applications and Pipeline:

A Spanish application requires more work. This is ongoing.

Uruguay is considering an initiative with a “Contra Drogas” affiliation.



The Tennis Ball:                2009       generated 67K USD         (15K still left)

                                                2011       generated 87K USD         (untouched so far)

                                                2013       Ball scheduled                  Ball Committee recruiting!


The Council also has a Private donor who has offered 10K USD over 3 years.


7.2/7.3: ITF: AGM 2012 and Follow Up.

The Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the ITF at the latter’s July 2012 AGM.  This relationship envisages support from the ITF to the Council; and coordination between us on our activities.  We have been invited to put material on the ITF website about the IC and our philanthropic activities: the Philanthropy Sub-Committee is working on texts for the EC.


AP:         The Philanthropy S-C should formulate what exactly they want from the ITF. This includes the fields of marketing, promotion and funding. (HR)


7.4:  Philanthropy Business Plan Draft Objectives


AP:         To establish two new programs (HR); Elaborate on the requirements and guidelines for applying and launching programs (HR)

8.      Business Plan 2012 / 2013: Decision

The Business Plan Objectives proposed by the Management Group and agreed at this EC meeting will now be circulated with the Governance Paper (see above) and the Chairman will report on progress at the 2013 AGM.


Budgets should be attached to the Business Plan.  As a rule any BP objectives with costs need to be referred to MC in advance.

A website objective may emerge from discussions with Laura Peterzan but for the moment we are talking about a website re-fresh.


AP:         Circulate BP, budget and supporting papers as agreed above (PMcQ/SH)



9.      AOB



President of the IC Council:

PMcQ will involve Frank in the succession planning and envisaged a period in Frank would be working alongside a President-elect.  PMcQ suggested that the EC should make proposals for succession and send them to Shali. When proposing names for the role, EC members should also consider Vice-Presidents, previous recipients of the Sportsmanship Award, and big names that either currently interact with, or will interact with, the IC.


Vice Presidents: The Council’s vice presidents were elected for three years and attention should also be given now to the renewal and rotation of these positions. Comments/suggestions to Shali.

                AP:         Engage Frank Sedgman in succession planning (PMcQ)

                                EC members to write to Shali with proposals for President of the IC Council and                                              comments/suggestions on Vice-Presidents (EC)


Next Meetings: the Management Group would try and meet in London in January; the next EC meeting would take place on Monday and Tuesday of the first week of Roland Garros.

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