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"Hands across the net, friendship across the ocean "

Welcome to the IC of Ireland


To promote friendship and sportmanship in tennis between Ireland and other countries across the life cycle by hosting fixtures with other IC countries, by supporting tennis development in Ireland and by providing mentorship for young Irish players.

To set the game above renown,
To love the game beyond the prize,
To honour, while you strike him down,
The foe that comes with fearless eyes,
To count the life of battle good,
And dear the land that gave you birth,
And dearer yet the brotherhood,
That binds the brave of all the earth.

-Sir Henry Newbolt...

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Day 3 of The IC Rod Laver European 16U Junior Challenge

Day 3 of The IC Rod Laver European 16U Junior Challenge

Hard to believe but the tennis got even more exciting and with record numbers of tied matches, third set tie breaks and mixed doubles deciders.

In group B Israel came through as the winners but only after a very close match with Slovenia who were one point off taking them to a mixed doubles decider. The other three teams all ended up tied with one win each.  So Slovenia, Austria and Spain went in to a series of mixed doubles deciders.  Spain got the draw in to their three nation play off final with Slovenia winning the semi final over Austria and then went on to win The mixed doubles with Spain.  So placing s in that group: Israel , Slovenia, Spain and Austria.

In the other group Italy won against Germany to top the group with Germany then taking fourth spot. This left Great Britain and Ireland to compete for second and third spots.  Once again it got tied at three matches each with Ireland winning the mixed doubles decider.
So play offs on Friday will be :

Italy v Israel 
Ireland v Slovenia 
Great Britain v Spain 
Germany v Austria

Another record was set with well over 100 restrings done already after so many long and closely fought matches.  In the evening the juniors enjoyed a Tennis Quiz set by our hosts Germany at the evening dinner - winners Spain this time.  It is Karaoke for the final night dinner!

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